I beg you – Save my life!!


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Hi, I’m Shimmy!

You don’t know me, but my life depends on you!

My last chance at growing up depends on your support.

Will you give me this chance?


Look at my photo.

I look very small. I weight just 4kg.

But, I’m over a year old!!!


I understand when I’m spoken to,

And I respond when people laugh,

I’m very intelligent, but I don’t even have the strength to turn over…

My friends are already walking on their own, but all I can do is lie in my crib and wonder…

Why is this happening to me?

I was born with a very rare disease, which attacked my digestive system and prevents me from eating.

I can only eat through a tube, and it is attached to me 24/7.

From the moment I entered this world, I have been surrounded by white-coated doctors, nurses and injections — lots of injections.

They hurt so much…

I want to develop like any other child.
I really want to grow.

I want to play with wooden blocks in kindergarten, to hold my friend’s hand and jump!!

But I can’t.


I heard the doctor tell my mother that I need to grow bigger.

I need to start developing normally and get out of hospital.

If I stay in this place — I might die…


Hospital is full of viruses and bacteria that my tiny body can’t deal with.

Just one month ago, I went into cardiac arrest in the middle of an operation. It was a miracle that I came out of that alive.

But home doesn’t have the medical equipment that I need.

Or a nurse to take care of me.

I need a physiotherapist to teach me how to sit, and to show me how to walk like other kids my age.

I need medications, monitors, sterile feeding tubes, and all kinds of life-saving equipment…

To put it bluntly: I need a small hospital at home, just for me…


This coming winter, I’ll need to undergo two complex operations.

They will help me grow.

But my parents can’t afford to pay for all of this.

I need your help!!

Please, help me!

I beg you –

Save my life!!!


Online donations are through Merkaz Hatzedaka,

An organization known for its integrity in opening charitable funds channeled directly to the families.


Bank Acct. for transfers –

Bank PAGI (Poalei Agudat Yisrael)

Merkaz Hatzedaka

Branch # 185

Acct. # 701831

When you make your donation, please specify:

Save the baby OR: Fund No. 3302


For queries, please contact Merkaz Hatzedaka


WhatsApp message: 050-416-9187

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1800-28-28-28
















אנונימי | Posted - 04/07/2020

בריאות במהרה אמן

המון בהצלחה

אונגודאי | Posted - 29/06/2020

המון בהצלחה צריך רק לאמין שיהיה טוב 🙏 בעזרת ה׳ ה׳ איתנו 🙏

אנונימי | Posted - 28/06/2020

רפואה שלמה

רפואה שלמה במהרה בקרוב

טל טליה אריאל | Posted - 26/06/2020

בעזרת השם שהכל יתהפך עבור שימי המתוק ועבורכם לטובה ולברכה . אני מתפללת עליו לרפואה שלמה . שבת שלום ובשורות טובות ומשמחות 😊💐⚘🌸🌼🍷🍷 ⚘🌸🌼💐🌷🌺⚘🌻⚘🌸💐

עמליה רבקה | Posted - 25/06/2020

רפואה שלמה במהרה ב"ה!

לשימי ולהוריו

ליאורה מני | Posted - 24/06/2020


רפואה שלמה לשימי המתוק

אנונימי | Posted - 23/06/2020

תרשמו את השם לתפילה . אני מתפללת: לרפואת שימי בן חווה או שמעון בן חווה

אנונימי | Posted - 21/06/2020

מאחלת רפואה שלמה בעזרת השם!!!!❤️ אל תאבדו תקווה יהיה טוב.

רחלי אלדר | Posted - 20/06/2020

בריאות איתנה. אמן

עופר | Posted - 20/06/2020

מאחל לך בריאות ושמחתי לעזור.

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