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About the campaign:


Hi, I’m Shelly, and I’m little Michael’s Mummy.

He’s an amazingly cute and sweet boy who turned 6 only a few months ago.


Michael was born with a difficult disease,

Which causes him a lot of pain – particularly in his feet.

He also suffers from a crooked foot which needs emergency surgery.

He can’t walk on his own and has only just begun to walk with the help of a walker.

 But he’s really smart, and he understands everything!


Michael is constantly asking me —

Mummy, why am I not like everyone else?

Why can’t I go to kindergarten and play with all the kids?

What can I answer him?  That I dream of him doing that every single day?

That I known it’s a possibility – but it’s still a far-off fantasy?





It’s a dream that can be realized by an American professor, in St.Louis

He’s the only one who knows how to get our Michael to walk on his own

To take his first steps in this beautiful world; to become a truly independent child


3 years ago, I made Aliya — wanting to be with my parents in our wonderful country

I came because I felt so alone in Switzerland

Without brothers or sisters, without friends or family


Here, too, we don’t have anyone

But we are not alone!


I know that we have you

All the brothers and sisters of our nation

And you won’t let me suffer alone!


I’m asking you to help Michael

Please, help us reach this moment

A small donation on your part

A few sent links to friends and relatives,

A small effort on your part can get Michael walking — and it will be because of you.


♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥


To donate via bank transfer, and for more details – click here

Bank details: Bank PAGI

Merkaz Hatzdaka

Branch 185

Acct. 701831

Please specify for each donation: Saving Michael

Or specify: Fund No. 3317

Please contact Merkaz Hatzdaka for any queries


WhatsApp: 050-416-9187

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 1800-28-28-28


























אנה שלומוביץ' | Posted - 03/07/2020

בריאות אמן ❤️

אנונימי | Posted - 30/06/2020

לע״נ מאשא בת חיים רפאל יצחק

רפואה שלמה

אנונימי | Posted - 29/06/2020

מס' קרן 3317

Hanh | Posted - 29/06/2020

Get well Michael, overcome your fate and live a good life


אור | Posted - 28/06/2020

מקווה שהקצת הזה גם יעזור...המון הצלחה

[email protected]

שגית בן יוסף | Posted - 24/06/2020

שהשם ישלח לך רפואה שלמה והחלמה מהירה, אתה גיבור♥️

[email protected]

מישאל בן יוסף | Posted - 24/06/2020

שהשם ישלח לך רפואה שלמה והחלמה מהירה, אתה גיבור♥️

אנונימי | Posted - 20/06/2020

אהבה ובריאות

אנונימי | Posted - 20/06/2020

אמן תיהיה בריא!

יונה אלעד | Posted - 19/06/2020

רק בריאות

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