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  • • Who are you and for what purposes can one open a fund?

    The GIVESTART website serves as a platform for communal giving in the "crowdfunding" method, enabling every person to open a charity and kindness fund and enlist new social circles to help him.

    You are invited to recruit donations for any project that is part of our vision: Kindness, charity, religious purposes, nonprofit organizations of this nature – basically for anyone who needs help and support from society.

    You should know: Donations to GIVESTART are recognized and deductible for income tax purposes, clause 46.

  • • I understand, but how can I open a fund? How does it work?

    Social giving begins here! At the top of every page on the left there is a button to press "Opening a Fund". From then on it's easy and simple, including tips and clear instructions.

    How does it work? We work with the proven method of "All or Nothing". Every project is given a set time and goal for raising money (up to 30 days). If the fund has not reached its goal – the money is not collected from the contributors. This method encourages the contributors and gives them the confidence that their money will accomplish the goal they are interested in.

    Likewise, if you are interested, we have a Partner Program. With the assistance of contributors who have been enlisted in advance, every shekel donation becomes 2 or 3 shekels. Usage of this program gives the fund additional value and a powerful incentive; it proves you are serious and reliable – and arouses people's desire to support your project.

  • • I do not want my fund to be exposed on the Internet; can I open a private fund?


    We at GIVESTART realize that in many cases exposure is difficult and unnecessary; for example, family members who join together to help a relative. That is why we created the possibility of a private fund.

    Actually, when a private fund is opened everything is the same but the fund will not appear on our home page, and only those who receive a direct link to the page + a password will be able to see it and to contribute to it.

  • • What do you gain from all this?

    GIVESTART was established with the vision of helping others and runs as a non-profit!

    For handling fee that includes costs of maintaining the website, ongoing maintenance and many other expenses, we charge three percent of the donations received – much less than is customary in the field.

  • • What can I do get the most out of my fund?

    The minute you open your project, begin distributing your request in a variety of ways customary in the network, updating all your social circles in Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, regular mail or possibly embedding your project's page on any site page you desire.

    For professional guidance and counseling, we have created a staff of our professionals who will assist you in sharpening messages, creating goals and maximizing your marketing material. This will enable you to enter the viewer's heart and turn him from a potential contributor into an actual contributor.

    So let's get going. Open a fund and together we'll change the world to a better place!