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  • So what is GIVESTART?

    GIVESTART platform is "crowdfunding" charity and kindness, aimed at one thing: give access to the most advanced capabilities - for giving. We recruited the best tools to take advantage of the special capabilities of the network from around the advancement of funds for the purposes of giving.
    Basically, everything to do with giving is our vision. So basically if you want to enlist and be the coefficients of each case requires social giving, Gibstart built just for you.
    with GIVESTART will move us all to a better world, in terms of social C"ntinh "and Bail interoperability" are commonplace and acceptable.

  • So what are the purposes for which I can open a project or fund?

    For everything in our goals.
    Giving kindness, charity, aims religion, associations nature of these goals, and basically anyone who needs compassion and help from society.
    Have forbid friend or family member who needs a kidney transplant, an acquaintance or a parishioner who can not cope with the payment of an expensive drug that is not in the basket health, we are here to help, we basically have a common goal.
    If you are a member organization with similar goals, so here we are here for you, together we do the right thing.

  • I do not want you publish my foundation, you can open an anonymous fund?

    Certainly! We realized that we GIVESTART exposure cases is difficult and unnecessary. For example, family members band together to help a relative. That is why we built the possibility of an anonymous foundation.
    So what happens when you open the "Fund anonymous? In fact, all the same, or fund the project page will be designed and function in the same way, but the fund will not appear on our home page, and only those who received a direct link to be able to watch it and to contribute to the fund.
    What else? The page is encrypted passwords, so only those who have a password will be able to enter, so when you distribute the paper among acquaintances, enclose the password to the link.

  • How do I promote the project or fund I created?

    GIVESTART allows distribute your project in a variety of ways accepted throughout the netwo Facebook, and Oatstzaf, Twitter, regular mail or allow embedding of any site page.
    From the moment Hslmtcm the short procedure to open a project or fund, within minutes you can spread the word or your application?

  • I realized, how do I start?

    It all starts here. Button to open the beam at the top of every page on the site, and from there it was easy. We encourage you to transfer short messages simple and catchy. Fund Project or video display, will greatly improve the way into the heart of the donors. Just let's implement a link to Youtube or Vimeo, at the Fund.
    Any case our staff mentors will be on hand during the construction of a new project.